Everyone Should Listen to Her Advice - Life Bursts Episode 6

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This has been the most unusual piece of advice we have ever been given on Life Bursts. 😱

Lorri Lynn, also known as Lorraine Hunt Lynn, is a prolific historical fiction author with 12 published titles to her name. Her books are published within 3 series, the Five Virtues Anthology, Bartlemas Anthology, and the Fry Family Series.

The Five Virtues Anthology is the story of five orphaned girls, all former inmates of the Verwood House Orphanage in Melbourne.

The Bartlemas Anthology is a series of novels telling stories of adventure and passion, spanning the Victorian Era from 1842 to 1886.

Fry Family Series tells the story of a 19 century family from Dorsetshire, England, and their spiral into poverty.

You can find these novels at your local book retailer.

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