REPORT: Adelaide Freedom Rally February 2023

REPORT: Adelaide Freedom Rally February 2023

On the 25th of February 2023, at the steps of the South Australian Parliament House in the state capital of Adelaide, the first advertised Adelaide Freedom Rally for 2023 occurred. Attending demonstrators witnessed speeches primarily concerning, injuries and deaths after vaccines, anti-smart-city activism, and anti-World-Health-Organisation activism.

The event was presented by Kathy Scarborough, with speakers Grace Bawden, Mike Williams, Tim Dwyer, Simeon Boikov, Corey White, "Jay from Old Port Chambers", Andrew Craig, Severina Burner, Roy Rodgers, and Dr Graham Lyons. Some of which are featured in the accompanying video with this report.

After the conclusion of speeches, rallygoers then marched on mass from Parliament House throughout the city of Adelaide holding placards and crosses. With the placards representing people who had been injured subsequently after having a COVID-19 vaccination and white crosses representing people who died. Marchers first moved towards Eastern Adelaide and the temporary festival district, then toward the centre of the city, where they culminated in front of the Health Department building of the South Australian Government. To make a symbolic attempt to confront state health officials. After, demonstrators made their way through the Rundle Mall shopping district, where they then held a moment of silence for the fallen.

This rally was the last in a series of freedom rallies held around Australia in February 2023.

Rhys Jarrett reporting from Adelaide, Australia.