How does someone start a career in music? - Life Bursts Episode 51

How does someone start a career in music? - Life Bursts Episode 51

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WOW! She is already busking to large crowds in the middle of a city of over a million. 🤯

Julia Overeem is someone who is always surrounded by music, and whilst Julia is at school, she has used every opportunity to learn to perform. When she was younger, Julia had a passion to learn about the dramatic arts, but during high school, she changed course to learn more about music and all the skills it involves. Which brought her back into the musical passion that has had great importance for her family over time.

In this episode of Life Bursts with Sarah and Matt, Julia Overeem tells about all the fun and difficulties of becoming a musical performer.

Who is Julia Overeem? Well here is how she describes herself:

"I am Julia Overeem, passionate jazz and pop-influenced vocalist, pianist and guitarist. Born in 2005 in Adelaide, South Australia, I travelled to many places over the world including Germany, France, Netherlands and several countries in Asia with my parents. My singing career began at the mere age of 3 after seeing my dad perform in several restaurants and public venues. I am a student in high school and partake in an extracurricular choir called Gospo Collective, performing at the Adelaide Fringe and other performances all over Adelaide throughout the year."

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