Life Burst Episode 50

Hay dad! What happened to your hair and mine? - Life Burst Episode 50

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Greif, banking and faith is an odd combination, but Peter Carratt seems to make it work. 🤔

In this special episode of Life Bursts with Matt and Sarah, we get to experience the story of Peter Carratt the father of our own Matthew Carratt, the host of the show.

Peter has had a life that has taken him across Australia for work and love which has brought much joy and pain over many years. In the interview, Peter tells us about dealing with the grief of losing his father at a young age. He also enlightens us with his interesting stories of how he made the rigid business of banking more accessible to Indigenous Australians.

Additionally, for our 50th episode, we at RawCut would like to thank you for your support of Life Bursts. Thank you. 😍😘

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